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Kyra’s freaking fantastic mandalas come in a variety of tones and papers. Reproductions can be purchased here (link to Square Marketplace). If you’re interested in purchasing an original piece, or in commissioning some custom work, please contact Kyra here.
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Watercolor painting prints

Doncha wish you could have a reproduction of a freaking AMAZING watercolor print of Kyra’s? You know you do! And you know you’re willing to fork over some cash for it, too!

Oil Paintings

Kyra rocks at oil painting! You can buy reproductions if you’re on a budget, the original if you can afford it, and if you’re a high roller, she’ll paint you a custom piece of art!

Woodcuts, Linocuts, or other prints.

Kyra has done some really cool printmaking stuff and is currently offering limited runs of the following prints: